Levibe THUNDER 15000GDOX + METEO 2 is the innovative system consisting of an ozone generator, oxygen generator and ozone detector useful for sanitizing indoor domestic and working environments: swimming pools, healthcare environments, warehouses, offices, public bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes, canteens, refectories, bars, nursing homes and rest homes, waiting rooms, gyms, school environments, basements.

The generator is able to supply over 93% of pure oxygen essential for the correct functioning of the sanitization treatment. Bacteria, fungal spores, viruses, molds, germs, parasites undermine the environments in which we live and proliferate: ozone is able to thoroughly sanitize without the use of chemicals, without leaving residues and acting in an absolutely ecological way. The 15000GDOX system includes the Levibe METEO 2 portable high-end detector suitable for monitoring the concentrations of ozone and other gases (up to 500) in the air.

The meter, contained in an elegant and solid black case, can be used during and after each cleaning and disinfection treatment of indoor environments to certify the sanitizing action in progress or occurred, but also to detect gas concentrations in outdoor areas. The instrument provides a quick and accurate estimate even in the case of very low ozone concentrations and any stored data is automatically saved with the current date and time.

The name, the value and the unit of measurement of the gas detected are shown on the color display that signals the threshold being exceeded with an acoustic signal. The sales unit also includes a portable printer with some spare parts of thermal paper.

Thanks to the USB connection, it is also possible to view the levels stored by the device directly on the computer.

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