Levibe CIRRUS 4


CIRRUS 4 is the UV sterilizer in beauty case format suitable for sterilizing tools and small objects such as personal protective equipment (surgical masks, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3), mobile phones, jewelry, watches, keys, toothbrushes and other accessories for personal hygiene. The device is presented as an elegant piece of furniture with a solid structure to be placed even in beauty salons where manicure / pedicure tools, hair accessories, razors and make-up brushes can be sanitized.

UV rays destroy viruses, bacteria and microorganisms in 5 minutes and in complete safety by simply pressing the central button on the package. The sterilizer is particularly suitable for traveling thanks to its small size and convenient power supply via USB socket.

Additional safety thanks to the automatic shutdown of the device in case of accidental opening of the door during the sanitizing action to prevent the release of UV rays harmful to the skin and eyes.

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