White powdered latex examination gloves

Our Latex examination gloves are disposable and ambidextrous with smooth or rough surface, with or without powder. They allow an high sensitivity and a tactile softness to have an higher comfort to avoid hand weariness even after a long use.
Latex gloves are produced with reinforced beaded cuff which assures an easy and good use. They are not sterile and they can not be sterilized; they are manufactured in pure natural latex and hypoallergenic to guaran tee high properties against infections.
They are available in white colors. Our gloves are inspected and certified in conformity with the following norms:
DIR 93/42/CEE
ASTM D3578 (05)
AQL 0,65 S.I.L. S-2 (dimensional and function inspections)
AQL 1,5 G.I.L. I (visual inspections)
EN 374 part 2-3
EN 455 part 1-2-3

Medical Device Class I