Vinyl disposable gloves

Disposable and ambidextrous gloves with smooth surface. They are not sterile and they can not be sterilized; the gloves are manufactured in 100% vinyl and they eliminate the allergic reactions caused by latex proteins. They can be powdered or not powdered so they can also be used by people who suffer skin’s irritations caused by cornstarch or with a very sensitive skin.
Our gloves are inspected and certified in conformity to the following norms:
AQL 0.65 S.I.L. S-2 (function and dimensional inspections)
AQL 1.5 G.I.L. I (visual inspections)
EN 455 part 1-2-3
EN 374 part 2-3
ASTM D-5250-00E4
DIR 93/42 CEE

Medical Device Class I